First and Foremost!

Become a Beta Reader!

As an author, one of the most rewarding parts of the writing process is sharing your work with others. But what finally gets printed and what gets written are completely different things. Fans always want to see what's behind the curtain, and here's your chance.

Sign up to be a beta reader and you get to see my books in their polished but not finished draft stage. I can send them to you in the format of your choice and you get a chance to see the parts that will eventually be cut and be a part of the parts that stay. 

Input on my work is like gold bullion for the writing process so if you like the inside scoop on things get in contact by sending me an email with "Beta Readers" in the subject line at 


Second, but Still Foremost!

Merch and Maps!

There will be a map of Peyton county available at some point. I've contacted a few amazing artists via my Instagram following who do this kind of thing and prints of the maps and maps for other series I write will be a common thing as far as fan merch goes. I'll also be doing book marks and something goat-related. think plushie or Funko pop figure.

Stay tuned.