Urban, Book 2 of the Moving Lives


When I started writing the Moving Lives Series I honestly thought it was just going to be one book. It wasn't even a series yet. But the ideas and plot points kept coming and before you know it I had a whole fictional world breaming with characters and stories to tell. 

Three stories came to a head and I really wanted to do them justice. Stories of what it's like to have your world changed by circumstance and choice and by God in the background. 

Like the book of Esther, these stories are raw, real and unapologetically rough around the edges. These aren't Christian books written for Christian audiences. They are books written about people in the midst of life, Christians and everyone else, with God being who God is, omnipotent, omnipresent, and often an afterthought. 

This wasn't prescriptive, but I did want to write a series that showed God from all the different angles of life. From the unchurched, churches and never churches perspectives. This is never explicit because quite often faith isn't explicit. It's implicit. And that difference often turns to cliche when trying to write good emotional fiction. 

Hopefully, at the end of each of these books, You see what I was aiming for.

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Book two of the Moving Lives Series.