June Newsletter

So the mission for June is going to be to plant my first novel's seeds in as many Little Free Libraries and community bookshelves as I can.

Partly because I think they are wonderful as a concept. But also because I know that they are where young readers often go for books. Being an adult is nice sometimes as it lends itself to the use of a disposable income. Youth don't always have that and I want young people to read my books. 

I've found four of them so far that seem to be active, even post Covid, and hope to find more. 

In the end, this is just another distraction from actually writing, let's be honest, right?

As for writing the third book of the Moving Lives series is coming along nicely, over halfway done and the second book is slated for final edits in early August. Once done, I plan on taking a month off for some mental downtime. Then I'll be hitting November hard by writing the rough draft of next year's series for NaNoWriMo, The Legends of Pyrerock.

This will be a rewrite of the first novella I ever wrote back when I published under my real name, 

After the Moving Lives are done and I'm busy re-writing the Legends of Pyrerock 5 book series, I plan on trying a writing tips experiment on Instagram and Youtube so stay tuned. This is a bit of me testing the waters for an eventual online class for novel-writing that I'm hoping to pull together. If you follow me at all, you know I came to writing late in life. I had half a dozen jobs under my belt before I ever started blogging and was 30 years old before I knew that writing a work of fiction was even possible for anyone who wanted to. I spent most of my youth and early 20's thinking writers were these magical creatures with special story writing powers us mere mortals could never dream of having too. Man, was I wrong. One NaNoWriMo and I was hooked. So to save a potential grade eleven future Stephen King or another 20 something drywaller who should be writing crime novels, I want to gather all the tools and methods I've found and put them into a process a person could try out over a month to see if writing is for them. 

I don't know if the class will be free or a product you can buy. those details are still up in the air. ideally, I'd like to have a free component like Brandon Sanderson has in his posted lectures.

In the meantime, I have books to write, 

Get Them Words In, Writers!